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Marie Antoinette [14 May 2007|07:39pm]
This film is the pretttiest.
I couldn't find many caps though.



Credit and stuff
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[12 Dec 2005|09:02pm]

My friends band, they're really good.

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[19 Aug 2005|01:42pm]
I got my AS results, i did ok. :)

This took me most of yesterday. I got bored towards the end so some parts suck. Click for full size.

I'm 17 on Wednesday. Yay. I can learn to drive soon!
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[11 Jul 2005|05:42pm]

Image hosted by

Clickity click.

I don't know, that's what a whole day with nothing to do does to you.
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Icons:) [22 Dec 2004|10:19pm]

Btvs, Ats, Firefly, Smg & Mt iconsCollapse )
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[19 Oct 2004|07:19pm]
Because i'm too impatient to wait for a big icon post..

Esquire photoshootCollapse )

Only 4 days until London!:D
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iconsicons [23 Aug 2004|10:38am]

Buffy, Thirteen & The somusic iconsCollapse )
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Reminded me that you're so worth the fight.. [02 Aug 2004|10:01pm]
Big old icon clearout. I have had some of these for a while, some are old challenge entries, and some are recent.

Btvs icons + Some Lost in translation, 1 Dark Angel.Collapse )
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Silenced Motion ... [16 Jul 2004|10:55am]
let us go, somewhere only we know.Collapse )
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And i saw her kissing tiny flowers.. [12 Jul 2004|10:11pm]
If you have any feedback then it's welcomed. :]

12 Btvs iconsCollapse )
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Silence takes it's toll... [30 Jun 2004|06:04pm]
Feedback welcome!

14 BtVs/Ats IconsCollapse )

2 SMG + 1 blankCollapse )

4 Nikita IconsCollapse )
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If you're not jacked in, you're dead! [26 May 2004|10:35am]
I decided to post a couple of vectors that i totally forgot i did a while ago.

1 of James Marsters and 1 of Britney Spears..
hereCollapse )
Oh and i realise the JM one isnt completly finished but eh i guess i couldn't be bothered lol.
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[27 Jan 2004|07:14pm]
Oh oh!

I forgot to mention the most funny thing in the world, Gareth aka, 20 year old twat who i liked for a very short time. Called me last night and i said "ohh are you still fucked off at me??" and i said no because i really could not be bothered to be pissed off at him anymore. I was pissed about Him trying to rape someone, i didnt really want to talk to him again. But anyway he doesnt know that i klnow about the rape thing and he's trying to get out of me whats been said to me. Then he started CRYING. A FULL GROWN 20YEAR OLD MAN CRYING DOWN THE PHONE. I was silently laughing. Serves him right for trying to rape someone!
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Friends only-Public entry =] [09 Aug 2003|12:04am]
This journal is now friends only due to it being personal, ask me and i'll add you probably.
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